Happy Customers

We’ve hired the services of Wasp Nest Removal Perth several times last year and this year (2016), I have at all times found this company 100% reliable and proficient, reasonably priced as well as respectful above and beyond your ordinary service provider. They at all times arrive with a smile and a responsive chat, then get down to business. Any enquiries are replied and they will happily explain in detail their products and techniques so you comprehend what is happening. Based on our experiences with Wasp Nest Removal Perth and the numerous other excellent positive reviews by many other fully contented clients, I would without question recommend them. We won’t hesitate in using them continually.

Samantha, Perth

I have been using this organization for all of my pest control needs, though I’m no longer living on the north side of town. Appreciatively, they don’t mind coming down to the south side when mandatory, I so much love their services. They’ve constantly been great to work with any moment, from when I had a possum trapped in the ceiling, and just for overall upkeep of pest control. For some years, I have met a number of team from the company, all of them have been categorically responsive and I always feel at ease having them working in and around my home. Thanks for you HONEST service.

Joy, Perth

I hired these guys sometimes ago, and I know they’re honestly cheap and reliable. I live south of the river now but that wasn’t an issue for them. I’m still not truly that distance away from their core office, when I rang them last weekend to solve a problem we have here with wasps. These things are all over, and it doesn’t necessary how much bug spray I use, they keep visiting again. Anyways, since a specialist from this company came out to appointment, the only wasps I’ve found around are dead ones. Highly recommend these this organization, they are sure of what they’re doing and equated to other pest controllers I’ve used earlier, they are pretty cheap too. Thanks once again.

Tom, Perth

We had some thoughtful issues with wasps. Mom instructed me to get a removal company to fix it, so I called Wasp Nest Removal Perth as I thought we count as being part of the north side since we are enclosed by the north of the Brisbane river. Anyway the pest control specialist from this company came quickly, I called them in the morning and he was at the door by breakfast time. He used around 45 minutes at our place and then he gone. Since he came, I haven’t heard those sounds in the walls and ceiling. So pleased we got that fixed, it was keeping me up at night and now we can rest and guaranteed residing at home.

Adam, Perth

These guys from your company are great! I was pretty upset to find wasp nest in our home last week. I was not certain what kind of wasp it was or if it was venomous but after a swift Google search, I got in contact with the team and Wasp Nest Removal Perth and they came out instantly. It was such a relief seeing these things out of my house even though it turns out it wasn’t toxic especially with the pets and children here. The guy was so quick and experienced, he was able to answer all my requests and gave us some guidelines on how to avoid another intrusion happening in the future. I was elated with the level of competence and service from these guys and I would be happy to mention them to anyone I know. The charge for the call wasn’t as much as I anticipated it would be either.

Jane, Perth

I had a wonderful experience with the enterprise last time I required this sort of service. We’ve just newly moved into a new place and someway we didn’t notice the wasp invasion here. So I called for pest control and they visited the same day which was great. Only spent an hour and that was it. That was last weekend and all the wasps have since disappeared! I’m so happy, it was freaking me out seeing them rush away every time I powered on the lights. Thank you. Love your company, work and staff. GREAT!

Hameed, Perth